Broken odometer numbers bring Maryland man third lottery jackpot

A Maryland man said he used the numbers from his truck’s broken odometer to buy the lottery ticket that earned him his third jackpot in 27 years.

Douglas Eck, 60, of Harford County, told Maryland Lottery officials he bought a 50-cent ticket for the Oct. 14 Pick 5 drawing from Royal Farms in Joppa.

Eck said he bought an old truck with a broken odometer stuck at 82,466 miles, so he uses the numbers 8-2-4-6-6 to play the lottery every day.

The numbers came up in the Oct. 14 drawing, earning Eck a $25,000 prize.

Eck previously won $50,000 from a Bonus Match 5 drawing in 1995 and $100,000 from a scratch-off ticket in 2008.

“This is my bronze medal, but I am still happy,” Eck said of his latest winnings.

The winner said his prize money will go toward paying off bills.